This week I’m over at Christianity Today’s Gifted for Leadership with
Before You Open Your Mouth: Ten Tips for the Work of Pre-Public Speaking

 Here’s a sneak peek:

“As a ministry speaker and part of our church’s teaching team, I still fight nerves every time I’m preparing a presentation. So I am constantly on the lookout for public speaking tips. There’s fantastic advice for the speech itself—start with a bang; use your lower register; make eye contact; use a visual aid; end with an application—but in my own experience, the most important work of public speaking begins before even taking the stage.  Here are ten lessons I have learned about the power of “Pre-Public Speaking”:

1)   Preach to Yourself. Before you prepare a message, have you lived it? As my friend, Jen Michel told me, “You sort of know the Holy Spirit is in it when you’re preaching to yourself and crying as you go.”  Anything I speak or preach on has been born out of a conviction of sin, an emotional discovery, or a story of God’s faithfulness in my brokenness. Not that I have arrived, but at the very least, I have been laid bare before God and experienced his transformative love. This helps me authentically share it with others…. 

You can read the entire article here .

Tune in next week for a beautiful piece by writer Shelie Massie.

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