Today is a special day for me because one of my favorite authors, Ann Voskamp, is featuring my writing and book on her farm porch at A Holy Experience. Please read and share. The pictures of my book in her home, alone, are worth your time; they are so beautiful. Check out How to Find Hope on the Other Side of Your Shame.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to Sam Divinagracia at for creating this fabulous new website. Run by Sam and his wife Amy, Kuribod embodies their design philosophy of paying attention to the little details, whether they’re designing an online presence, drawing a coloring page for their kids, crafting coffee, or coming up with a new recipe.

They are intuitive, creative, professional, and thorough — and all at a competitive rate. If you’re looking for a brand or web designer, check out Kuribod. Another thing I admire about Sam and Amy (even more than their incredible work) is their story. They are missionaries from China, stateside now, preparing to head to the Philippines with their three kids. There, they will open a hostel/farm in order to invest in, support, and minister to the local community that they love. The place sounds beautiful and heavenly and I am officially going one day.

Thankful for Sam and Amy and Ann Voskamp– and to you, of course! May you live shamelessly,


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