I’m so excited to be giving away a copy of Pam Kanaly’s new book, The Single Mom and Her Roller Coaster Emotions. Pam is a family friend and the director of Arise MinistriesAs a former single mother herself, Pam speaks directly to the needs of single moms. 

Throughout the book, she addresses nine negative emotions that single mothers face and provides solutions that lead to recovery. Through personal testimony, inspiration, reflective questions, and biblical teaching, she shows other single moms how to bring understanding, management, and healing to unresolved feelings. 

From Pam’s facebook page:

For those of you with young children, the day will come when they will be grown and gone and you will have ‘tender’ moments with them, especially if they’re girls because we cry easily (ha). Today was my daughter’s 30th birthday. We had coffee and a manicure. When I gave her the book for the first time and she saw her picture in the first few pages when she was 5 with me as her “single mother,” we both cried, as a way of thanking God for how he weaved everything together for good like He promised. God’s Word is true, so take heart. He IS WORKING your circumstances together for a higher profit. Romans 8:28

In order to win an copy of Pam’s book–share, like, tweet, (and comment below about your experience as a single mom to receive extra entries). If you “like” Pam’s facebook page for the first time, you’ll be entered to win an autographed copy.

In honor of Pam’s book, I’m re-posting a piece I shared last year. Written by my dear friend (and the mom to my beautiful goddaughter), here’s what Gloria has to say about her own experience as a single mom:


I love being a single mom. But I also have those days, just like married moms, when I don’t love being one. 

When I meet other moms, I never really think about their status as being married or single…until I am asked that infamous question, What does your husband do? 
That is usually the moment when I discover if they are going to stay calm or act like I have some sort of plague.

Until recently, I never knew how much being a ‘Single Mom’ affected my daughter. My 13-year-old, who is going on 20, was recently invited to a friend’s house for a sleepover. When I dropped her off, she told me that her friend’s mom, is also a single mom too! Isn’t that great!?”

This totally caught me off-guard.  

“Why is that so great?”

“Because she wants to meet you and is super excited that you’re a single mom too!”

This mom greeted me outside, invited me in to chat, and was very friendly. 

I drove home thinking about the other moms of my daughter’s friends. I realized that they usually don’t greet me at the door. Although I never really cared or even noticed before, my daughter does.

Some interactions are based on the busyness of life. I get that. But, still, my daughter sees how my single status creates a reaction of some kind—good or bad.

If I could teach married moms anything, it’s to remember that I am not the only one watching how you respond to me. My daughter is watching too, and although her identity is in God, she will form some of beliefs about herself based on those responses.

For her sake, I’ll do my best to start greeting you at the door, and I hope you’ll return the favor.

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