Hope you had a fabulous and restful Thanksgiving! My children woke up extra early yesterday and today! Yay! I’m practicing thankfulness. (Note my sarcasm.)

Well, believe it or not, there’s aren’t a ton of 80somethings on Facebook that wanted to write for my blog! I know. I’m just as shocked as you are. 

So, I roped in my gorgeous, world traveling, sassy, 84-years young Memaw. 

Before we get to her, this is the final piece in our Advice to My Younger Self Series, so if you missed them, here is a recap: 

And now….my very own, Joyce Orr, turning 85 in January. 

Joyce and Weldon orr, on their wedding day

Joyce Orr, 84 years young

If my 16 year-old self showed up, what advice would I give her?    

1. Be yourself. don’t follow the crowd. How boring if everyone is alike. 

2. Take time for yourself.   

As you are growing older——–

3. Love with all your heart.  

4. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.   

5. Keep your friend Jesus with you everywhere.   

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff.    

7. You can’t do it all, so let the dust wait.              

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