If you haven’t been following this series, I’ve asked women from all age groups and walks of life to think about what they would say if they had a chance to sit down with their younger selves.
Kev and I went to see Looper this weekend, and I almost laughed aloud when Bruce Willis sat down with his younger self, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt…it was an intense scene, but I thought..clearly, they are reading my blog..sitting down for coffee with each other like this. They are shameless women!
And although we can’t time travel (yet), can we learn from our past and live a fuller and richer life today? 
I believe we can. 
In a few weeks, I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Shannon Ethridge’s upcoming book, The Fantasy Fallacy. I was blessed to have a chance to help edit and contribute to the book, and it’s a refreshingly authentic look at our sexual desires and longings for God. If you hit the “like the shamelessness” button, you will be automatically entered to win. If you comment, you will receive a double-entry, baby! 
Speaking of authentic, today’s advice comes from the lovely Renee Pollino, a homeschooling, fast-talking, mom of two…who writes for Authentic Women about authentic relationships, love, and grace. It’s worth taking some time to stop by her blog. 

By Renee Pollino 40
(1)     Who CARES what they think!  No matter what you do…. they’ll talk anyway.  Because only God can satisfy us, you’ll never fully please those around you.  If you try, you’ll become constantly frustrated and hopeless.  Concern yourself with pleasing God, not man.
(2)     Sex—it’s overrated!  Why are we sooooo obsessed about guys and sex?  We spend our young life obsessing about these things and guess what? Once you have what you think you’ve wanted, you’ll realize it doesn’t quench your thirsty soul. You see, this is because only Christ can fulfill your deepest intimate desires.  As you become wholly His, you will gain a proper-God-given perspective about sex, men, marriage and life! 
(3)     Only God is faithful. I’ve had people that are close to me slander and hurt me often.  When you put people on a pedestal they will disappoint you and hurt you to the core.  When they are placed in their proper place, below God, it will still hurt but God’s love and faithfulness will transform your life, giving you the power to forgive and love.
(4)     Girlfriends are important.  I was one of those “I like to hang out with guys because they’re less complicated” type of girls.  Because, as I mentioned before, girls were not very faithful to me, I never valued them or learned to forgive them for hurting me. I’m not going to lie to you – women are still complicated and it is hard sometimes, but my Christian friends are a huge source of joy and excitement in my life. You need girlfriends!! Women understand women better than guys. They will give you lasting memories – planning weddings, baby showers and family vacations. They are your support system when you need a meal or a shoulder to cry on. They will rejoice with you and mourn with you. Don’t be foolish enough to think that girlfriends don’t matter because you may wake up one day very old and very alone in this world. 
(5)     Living for yourself will leave you empty. God didn’t design us to live solely for ourselves.  When our daily thoughts are consumed with our hair, our clothes, our body, our weekend, our friends, and our fun, then our souls will be dead. Invest in someone’s life. It will bring you more joy than you can ever imagine because God designed you to live purposely for Him.
(6)    Trash attracts Trash. What kind of husband do you desire? Healthy people attract healthy people and unhealthy people always attract unhealthy people. If you desire a man who loves Jesus, then become that woman. If you desire a man who loves family, then learn to love your family.  Remember, inner-beauty attracts inner-beauty.
(7)    BELIEVE, even if it doesn’t make sense. I’ve always been that girl who had to understand before I believed. Sometimes God’s ways are difficult to understand, but have faith anyway because God’s love for us is so beyond our understanding and He desires the best for His children.
(8)     CHUCK THOSE MAGAZINES IN THE TRASH!  Okay…I’m just going to be frank.  THEY LIE! They have no clue about true beauty, guys or anything.  All they do is re-enforce the lies from our culture about women and true beauty. Magazines are our enemies.  Close ‘em, flip ‘em over in the grocery line (which by the way, I always do), and don’t pollute your mind with trash.  As I always say, ‘garbage in, garbage out.” 
(9)    Be Real.  Pretending is so hard…and exhausting!  No one wants to be friends with Little Miss Perfect. As you become authentic, it gives others permission to be authentic as well.  Share your weaknesses, your failures and your struggles with one another.  It’s liberating!  It is in our weaknesses we find God and help others to find Him as well. 
(10) Little eyes are watching! I’ve recently learned how powerful of an influence a teen girl’s appearance has on tweens by watching my sweet little 11-year old daughter.  How we dress communicates a message. Be confident in Christ and allow Him to use you to impact young girls around you for His glory. You’ve been handed a lot of power – for good or for bad.  Ask yourself these two questions: What do I want to do with this power God has given to me? Do I want to glorify Him or do I want to glorify myself?

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