Well, it feels like a big announcement to me!

Me, happily signing a book contract!

Me, happily signing my book contract!

I am thrilled to announce that my second book, Game Changer (current working title), — a book on hope and lament in seasons of doubt and difficulty — will be out with NavPress in early 2019.

I’ve actually been praying for the opportunity to work with the amazing team at NavPress for a while. They are known for their “intimate and relational ethos,” their editing acuity, their love of God and spiritual discipleship, and their list of “soulful” books. So the fact they they’re willing to take a chance on a little author like me – well, I’m just incredibly thankful.

Here’s a description of the book from the proposal: 

Here are two of the working titles and descriptions that I contemplated—and ultimately decided against—using for this project:

            1) Reject: Shame’s Ugly Little Sister. If you’re in a difficult season, it may feel like God has stamped a huge #REJECT on your forehead, while everyone around you has a massive #WINNING on theirs. Why are you in agony while others are succeeding, soaring, sun-tanning at their private water villas in Sumatra? Reject grapples with this conundrum and with other exasperating spiritual questions.

            2) Things Hairy Girls Know: How Suffering Births the Unseemly. Pain doesn’t always bring wisdom; it also brings stress, which in turn brings wrinkles and hair growth in places that no woman needs hair (or on the other hand, hair loss in places that women desperately need hair). God is the giver of good things, but let’s get real for a minute; sometimes we don’t want this particular brand of “gifts.” THGK explores what it means to thrive during the hairy seasons.

Alas, those titles weren’t sticky enough. (Frankly, who wants to the person in the store buying a book on hairy girls or rejects?) So here lies Game Changer, because whatever pain you are dealing with—illness, grief, heartache, or the aforementioned hair loss and/or hair gain—these distressing seasons absolutely sideline us. They devastate our home and work lives, our identities, and our walks with God. Suffering changes our games. 

Written specifically for the woman who is trying to juggle it all, while battling emotional and/or physical pain, Game Changer is a “girlfriend’s guide” to lament and hope. Sampson invites the hurting reader to discover that God might be in this valley as much he is on the mountaintop.

This is not a book about finding answers to the big whys of suffering; it’s about finding glimpses of God in the midst of what feels like his absence.”

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May you find God in your own game change,



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