Congratulations to Victoria Derybowski, the winner of Kenneth Ortiz’s book, Redefined! 

Thanks to ALL of you who shared the love! I appreciate you!

This is turning out to be the summer of book giveaways, because I have another one for ya this week!

Shannon Ethridge, bestselling author, speaker, life coach, and advocate for healthy sexuality, has published a brand new novel, Veil of Secrets (Thomas Nelson, 2014). For any woman who has experienced pain in her past and residual shame, this book will minister to you.

Here’s what Shannon has to say about the novel:

“Over the past 20 years of ministry, I’ve recognized a ‘pendulum swing’ effect among women. Some swing too far to the left–acting out sexually in ways that leave them walling in remorse and regret, guilt and shame. Others swing too far to the right–shutting down sexually and insulating themselves from potential pain or rejection. Either extreme is unhealthy. I know, because I’ve lived both extremes–extremes that have been vividly characterized in the new novel, Veil of Secrets, co-authored with award-winning professional fiction writer Kathryn Mackel.

Like one of the lead characters, Sophie Connors, I was hungry for attention and affection from older men due to a lack of connection with my father. Like Melanie Connors (Sophie’s mothers), I gravitated toward abusive relationships and promiscuity–until I put a wedding band on my finger. And then my pendulum swung hard in the other direction as I withdrew sexually from my husband.

With the help of a counselor (like Beth Sierra, Melanie’s therapist), I learned to face my sordid past…assign responsibility to the abusers..accept responsibility for my own choices…find the serenity to accept the things I couldn’t change…and muster the courage to change the things that I could.

Through this process, I was able to forgive everyone–most importantly myself–and reconnect with my husband.

Now, I play the role of “Beth Sierra” to many other women and couples through my coaching practice. It is such a JOY to help others understand the psychological reasons behind their sexual history, make peace with their past, and find a healthy sexual balance where they can experience connection instead of isolation, pleasure instead of pain!

My hope is that this powerful tale will truly inspire both married and single women to make peace with their sexual past, and thrive in their current (or future) relationships! Thank you for sharing this hope with me, and for your prayers for this project.”

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