I can’t believe it’s March! So far this year, we’ve covered 31 Days Without Shame, and Prayer. We’re moving into our theme for March – No Sugar Coating! This month, we’re not going to wrap up life’s pain in sweet little bows. We’re going to tell it like it is — but the good news is that we’re people who grieve with hope. So, while we won’t be giving you “easy” stories, we will be showing you the faithfulness of God in them. (And in case you’re wondering, by “we,” I mean myself and some fabulous guest bloggers.)

To kick us off, I received a beautiful poem from an anonymous reader and wanted to share it with you. 

Covered in failure
Hidden and lost
Faith was failing
Unworthy of love
Shame was encroaching

Fear was corrupting
My soul was dying
Punishment was deserved
Or so I thought
Shame was my bondage

Desperately seeking
Could I let go
Be redeemed of my shame?
Free of suffering
Strength over shame

Rescued and found
Truth to the lies
Grace for the shame
Radiant in Your eyes 

May you live shamelessly– and radiantly– this week!



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