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Day 10: Disagreeing with Shame – Satan uses shame as a weapon to demoralize us, and for years, I agreed with his accusations of “Aubrey, you aren’t capable enough. You aren’t a good enough wife and friend. Aubrey, you aren’t strong enough.”

But now, whenever shame creeps back in, trying its best to condemn me, I condemn it right back—by disagreeing with it. Aloud. (If you ever catch me doing this, you’ll probably think I’ve gone crazy.) If I have those shame-filled thoughts, I will stop and actually say something like, “I don’t agree with that, in the name of Jesus. Jesus says I am enough, in him.”

Disagreeing with shame refutes it and refuses to give it power. The following is part of a chart I created, both for myself and for the groups I speak to. You can find the entire chart in Overcomer. It’s a retaliation tool, in a way, so that when shame starts accusing, you can be prepared to fight back with these scriptural truths:

If Shame Says …

I Disagree Because…

Jesus Says

I do not belong.

I disagree because…

I am the apple of his eye. I am his. He has called me by name. He will never leave me alone. He has given me a community and special gifts to offer to it (Ps. 17:8; Isa. 43:1-2; 1 Cor. 12:12–31).


I am nothing special.

 I disagree because…

Before I was even born, God chose me to be his daughter (Eph. 1:4–5).

Consider: When you think about shame’s accusations, what words or phrases come to mind? What does shame “say” to you? If you could say anything in response, what would it be? How can you condemn shame?

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the truth in your scriptures that has the power to overcome shame. Please evict shame from my life, because I recognize I can’t do this without you. Amen.


(Sections taken from Overcomer by Aubrey Sampson. Copyright © 2015. Used by permission of Zondervan. www.zondervan.com. All rights reserved.)

To read the full version of this devotion in Overcomer, grab a copy at amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Books, or wherever books are sold. 


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