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Day 16: Courage Over Shame I mentor an amazing group of young millennials. Because I want our group to be one that practices courage–instead of shame–in community, we are learning to assess ourselves based on the following definition and questions…

A community of COURAGE is:

Christ-centered: Are we keeping Jesus at the center of our time, discussion, and study?

Overcoming: Are we empowering each other to overcome life’s challenges?

Unashamed: Are we allowing shame or Christ to define us as women?

Restorative: Are we doing whatever it takes to restore any relational brokenness that might exist within the group?

Authentic: Are we being honest and real about our flaws and struggles?

Growing: Are we maturing spiritually and emotionally?

Encouraging: Are we lavishing love and pointing each other to Christ?

We know we’re never going to live up to this acrostic perfectly; that’s not the purpose. But as we evaluate ourselves, we can make adjustments to our group based on COURAGE. And as we keep these values at the forefront of our minds, we are regularly reminded to ask God to continue transforming us into a community of courageous women who live without shame.

Consider: If community gives us the courage to continue overcoming shame, how would you say that’s been true in your experience? How can you give courage to others in your community?

Prayer: Dear Jesus, as the creator of community, please help me to choose courage and to engage with others, even when I’d rather hide. Walk beside me and help me walk with my community. Amen.  


(Sections taken from Overcomer by Aubrey Sampson. Copyright © 2015. Used by permission of Zondervan. www.zondervan.com. All rights reserved.)

To read the full version of this in Overcomer, grab a copy at amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Books, or wherever books are sold. 


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