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Day 23: When You’re the Shamer – Let’s be honest, if our shame is hitting the fan, we tend to justify it, ignore it, or allow it to consume us. But if we stop long enough to reflect on our shame, it can become like a signal indicating a need for change, humility, or spiritual growth. If we let him, God can use our mundane experiences of shame as occasions for grace. This means every shame experience has the potential to be a signpost that reminds us of our need for a Savior. Think about it. If we allowed every experience of shame to lead us directly to Christ, what chance would shame have? In Christ, shame becomes its own undoing.

We’re all big kids. This isn’t a new life lesson. But it’s still one worth remembering. When you’re the one who does something unkind or careless, when you’re the one who’s acted shamefully, in order to grow in maturity, you have to put on your big girl pants, humble yourself, admit your fault, and apologize. Otherwise, you’ll just end up spreading your shame around and sitting in it. And trust me, because I’ve changed a lot of diapers, no one likes to sit around in their own mess.

Consider:  Think about a moment when you’ve been the shamer or you’ve acted shamefully. How did you feel afterward? If you could redo that moment, what would you do differently?

Prayer: I worship you, God, because you are so powerful and good that even shame cannot remain as shame in you. Thank you for forgiving me when I shame others, intentionally or unintentionally, and for loving me through it all. Amen.



(Sections taken from Overcomer by Aubrey Sampson. Copyright © 2015. Used by permission of Zondervan. www.zondervan.com. All rights reserved.)

To read the full version of this in Overcomer, grab a copy at amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Books, or wherever books are sold.


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