I have succumbed.

I fought it for so long.

I can’t any longer.

I am officially a DIYer.

It began with a little (or a lot, actually, I got obsessive) spray paint here and there….

…and turned into a table project….which before I show you pictures, has actually turned into redoing my entire kitchen. Those pics will come soon.

I don’t like DIY very much (I prefer no fuss and super fast projects), so this was a real test of my sanity.

What I have learned to enjoy is the process of remaking something–not restoring it to its former glory–but repurposing it into a brand new and more beautiful version of itself.

I believe that is what God does in our lives. He makes us new in Jesus–not just just cleaned up–but brand new, beautiful radiant beings– the ones we were always designed to be.

With that in mind, I wanted to share my first big DIY project with you. Warning: unlike God, it was much more of a happy accident than a divine plan. I don’t like unfinished projects, so I rush, screw up, and then have to start all over…and I generally have a nervous breakdown in the middle of it all. (I’m sure there’s another life lesson in that, but I don’t want to learn it right now.)

Exhibit A: The Oak Table. A pretty little dining table given to us by my fabulous in-laws, but the oak was staring at me, daring me to attack it. I shopped around at first, but every table I looked at was SO EXPENSIVE…I knew the only option was to paint it.

Exhibit A

Day One: This is where I entered into DIY hell. I thought, naively, “Oh, this will only take me the afternoon.” I had no clue redoing a table is actually a 3-5 day project. I began by sanding it all down, which was fine, but then I had the brilliant idea of spray painting the entire thing.

The spray paint is a lovely shade of gray called, Slate Gray, but why, oh why I thought spray painting a dining room table was a decent option, I’ll never know. Well, I do know–it’s cause I thought it’d be fast. Again, this is where I got into trouble. It WAS fast, but it looked lumpy, goopy, and just plain cheap.

The saving grace is that the table legs are somewhat ornate, so they actually looked pretty decent. The bad news is that I had to redo the top.

DAY TWO: Due to all the lumps and goops, I stripped the entire tabletop and started over from scratch. Remember, I hate unfinished projects….so while this would not have been a big deal to the average Pinterest DIYer. This was KILLING ME.

Stripping the stupid spray paint off the top.
I might have been crying when I took this picture.

The heroic table legs.

Day Three: Once that nightmare was over (with the help of my very patient husband), I decided a stain was a better option that hand painting (Lord knows I wouldn’t dare spray paint ever again.) I grabbed a weathered gray stain, and it magically transformed the oak table into this two-toned cutie. 

Day Four: PHEW! It was finally over. Varnish on, everything dry, it now sits in our dining room–with my itty bitty Christmas tree atop. I love it! 

My little helper. Don’t look too closely at my dirty carpet. 

(this is my girly tree, filled with sparkly pink and purple ornaments.
I’m surrounded by testosterone and our humongous Vegas tree in the other room,
so I wanted something of my own.

What about you? Any DIY projects that have wrecked your soul or saved your life this holiday season?

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