Overcomer is officially birthed! Woo hoo! Praising God and so thankful for each of you!

And I’m over at Elisa Morgan’s blog today, Really, writing about the shame of not feeling enough:

“I remember running for the first time with a college boyfriend.

‘Can’t your feet move any faster?’ he asked.

They couldn’t, actually. I was new to running.

I didn’t know I would improve with time and patience and years of practice.

‘Don’t be discouraged if you never get any better.’ He said, I think he was genuinely trying to encourage me.

‘Some people are runners. It’s in their genes. Others, like you, just aren’t.’

I believed him for a long time. I was officially classified; defined in terms of being not something. If he was a runner, I was a non- runner, a non-athlete, a non- anything.

I went home after that humiliating first attempt at jogging, and wrote down a list—a litany of my life—a justification of my worth.

That list, it was full: I’d been in love. I’d seen Bob Dylan in concert. I memorized the Henry V prologue. I backpacked through Great Britain. I loved theater. I had a great family. I loved Christmas and beauty and literature.

I read it to him under the stars that night. All of it saying, ‘Love me. Want me. See me. Think I’m something. Be okay with me even though I can’t keep up with you…’

You can read the rest here. 


ALSO- want a free autographed copy of Overcomer? Okay, okay, I don’t have to autograph it…

There have already been some winners! Just send me a message through the contact section at the bottom of my webpage or on FB and let me know why you and your friend/loved one deserve free copies! Be sure to include your mailing address so I know where to send the book. I’ll be giving away copies all week! And I will respond to you if you’re the winner.

You’ll also get a very cute Overcomer bookmark. If you’re not into cute bookmarks, then I’m sad for you….If you can’t wait for the contest, you can purchase the book here: Overcomer.


As always, may you live shamelessly!


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