Hey lovely people! I just turned in the second draft of my book– a friend told me editing is like giving birth–it’s definitely like contracting a muscle I never knew I had. I’m so thankful for my editor, and one day I’ll have to blog about the editing/book publishing process. I’m learning a lot.

I guest-blogged on Valentine’s day, for the lovely Cindy Johnson, author of Who’s Picking Me Up From The Airport?(and other questions single girls ask)  Buy her book today if you haven’t yet…it’s a great, witty, and insightful read.

You can journey over to her website Olivemepost.com to check out my post.

So, with Ash Wednesday on the horizon, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to give something up in order to set my mind on Christ.

Should I give up tv?

Any music that isn’t worship?


Bestselling author, Seth Godin, blogged last week about those times we “totally make fools of ourselves.” He pointed out that, actually, we aren’t making fools of ourselves at all — we are making humans of ourselves.

I wonder what would happen if we gave up that defense, that need to be seen in a certain light.

I think if we allowed ourselves to become fools–to be seen as human–it would give our communities more courage to let go of shame.

I wasn’t all that excited to give up my caffeine–so maybe I’ll put on foolishness, rather than give anything up this Lenten season.

Wondering what your plan is…if you’re participating in Lent, and have decided to give up something, I’d love to know.

Until then…Happy Fat Tuesday!

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