Verses: Psalm 34: 1-3, “I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.”

Issues Women Face: Disney Princesses get a new lease on life. Warning: Some of these images are very disturbing, as the project is attempting to put the princesses in situations that real-life women face. Some are edgy/entertaining/eye-opening. My favorite is Snow White.    

“Vancouver-based photographer Dina Goldstein has placed popular Disney princesses
in modern-day scenarios to capture real issues that women today face.” 
 – Design Taxi

Wise Woman: Check out Shannon Ethridge, best-selling author of Every Woman’s Battle and the Sexually Confident Wife. She happens to be my mentor, so I am biased. I will tell you that EveryWoman’s Battle completely change my thought-life and my marriage. There is also an Every Single Woman’s Battle.  They are definitely worth a read.  

Quote: “Don’t do weird things to your face, your body and your hair. Because everyone else did too and no one can tell them apart.” – Jodie Foster, giving advice to Hollywood’s newbies.
Shameless Woman: Natalie Buckingham is a woman at my church who is passionate about seeking justice for victims of human trafficking and slavery. After doing some research and traveling to Cambodia to see the victims firsthand she created this wonderful list–breaking down The Need (a view of life through the eyes of the victims) and The Promise (how the church can respond). Natalie says, “I know first hand the lies guilt and shame that women experience and it is so important for the body of Christ to come together to help and restore each other.”
The Need: Victims’ Worldview
Biblical Promises and Responses  
through the Engaged Church
Exploitative relationships
Value-added caring relationships
Bound by destructive evil Power
Freedom through God’s liberating power
Hope in Christ for a future
Feelings of Betrayal
A God who is trustworthy
Betrayal by father
Heavenly Father who loves and protects
his children
Value attached to sex
Value as creation of God
Anger, hatred
Love and forgiveness
Death and shame
Hope and dignity
Trauma from abuse
Prayer, emotional, psychological,
healing and counseling

May you live Shamelessly. 

Next week: The Discipline of Shamelessness

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