Overcomer  became a one-year-old! Happy Birthday! 

The biggest blessing over the past year has been the personal stories from people like you — people who are overcoming shame and realizing how valued they are by their Creator — no matter what their pasts, or even their presents, look like. 

I am so thankful for you, readers!

This is one of my favorite moments from Overcomer:

“You may have been Gomer. You may have been a paper doll, used, marred, and tossed aside. You may have been a shadow of yourself. But in the name of Jesus, your Overcomer, your Shame Remover, you have been given a new name. Jesus says, ‘You are Mine. You are Loved. You are New. You are Radiant.’ ” 

Keep reading. Keep sharing. Keeping living shamelessly and radiantly! 



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