Did I just spend an hour editing my recent headshot? Why yes, I did.

Did I whiten my teeth? 

Airbrush wrinkles? 

Lighten dark under-eye? 

Did I even stoop so low as to delete my neck lines? 

Yup. I’m not proud, but I can’t deny it. 

That’s right. I’m back in town and I thought I’d kick off the fall with a little shameless before-and- afters. I am NOT trying to promote selfies, I just figured in honor of the beauty myths and standards I’ve been mulling over for the past few weeks, and for the sake of being real with you, I’d let you laugh at and with me.  

(If you are wondering why I am even dealing with headshots, I am thrilled to announce that I just signed with DC Jacobson literary agency. They represent some amazing authors, and I can’t wait to partner with them as we get the word out to more women on how to overcome shame and experience healing in Christ! I’m so thankful and would value your prayers.)

After: here, I whitened my teeth and gave myself a nice tan.
Plus, I got rid of some fine lines and wrinkles. Can you tell the diff?


After: also tanned, and blemishes removed.
I even cut my arm to appear thinner. I clearly have issues.
Now I’m noticing those necklines…hmm.

I trust you realize that I am doing this with a great sense of humor and with the highest hope that if you have any of your own before and after’s, you’ll let me share them here. Please don’t leave me stranded out here in cybervulnurableville. Send me your pics! 

I do have to give props to Ava Jordan Curassi, who turned this tired mom into a professional model, forcing me to move my chin this way and that. I hated this process, and she helped me enjoy it big time. Plus, for a fabulous price, I got some great options. You’re amazing Ava!

This post is getting a little too self-absorbed, so…

Moving onto REAL beauty, we kick off a series on adoption next week. I can’t wait to share stories from some brave, beautiful, fierce, and godly women. 

For now, I’ll leave you with this: a dear friend reminded me of this passage from Ann Lamott’s Traveling Mercies. A Must-Read. (Thank you Sara!) 

Ann is talking about how she’d been comparing herself to younger women all day long and feeling rotten about herself. (it’s MORE than that, but to summarize…):
‘I knew i wanted to put on my favorite earrings. I wasn’t thinking that I looked awful and wanted to look like someone else; that is the point at which you can come dangerously close to female impersonation. I just remembered that sometimes you start with the outside and you get it right. You tend to your spirit through the body. It’s polishing the healthy young skin of that girl who was just here a moment ago, who still lives inside. It’s saying that sometimes maybe one looks a little pale and wan and wants to shine a little light on oneself. Then, when you’re in that honoring place, it’s almost like makeup becomes a form of light, just as on those days when a little cloud cover makes you notice the sun’s rays come slanting through. Maybe the key is simply a wry fondness for the thing you’re slapping this stuff onto, instead of a desire to disguise; so it’s not that you’re wearing a coat of paint, but a mantilla.’
–from “The Aunties”

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