So excited to share my feature article on Overcoming Shame for Fullfill Leadership Magazine.
If you aren’t familiar with Fulfill, it is a wonderful resource/digizine/blog for women in all seasons of life. FullFill is a ministry of Mission: Momentum, a nonprofit effort focusing on mobilizing women to invest their influence in the world for God’s purposes

Their current issue, on the topic of shame, includes articles by Staci Eldredge, Suzanne Burden, Jenny Rae Armstrong, and more. Go here to read my feature article, peruse the mag and other resources, and sign up for a free subscription and/or weekly emails. 

You can read a teaser of my article on overcoming shame below:

“I am not good enough. I do not belong. I don’t measure up. Recently, I attended a week-long leadership assessment boot camp. Thrown into group projects, late-night brainstorming sessions, and performance evaluations while being appraised by clip-boarded assessors, I began to feel like one of Veronica Roth’s characters in Divergent—ranked according to her usefulness in the world and afraid of being excommunicated if she cannot excel.

This fishbowl of analysis was disconcerting to say the least. The experience brought out my well-worn shameful thoughts: What makes me think I am capable of leading anything? Am I relevant anymore? Why am I even here? On my second night there, I dreamt I signed a million-dollar contract, only to blow the money on a boob-job. My own assessment of the dream: I’m an overachiever overwrought with insecurity…”  

Check out the article in its entirety here.

What about you? When do you most experience shame? What helps you overcome it?

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