This week we celebrate International Women’s Day and
International AIDS/Women and Girls Awareness Day.

My hubby and I lived in Zambia, Africa for about a year working with Jubilee Centre. One of my favorite tasks in Zambia was to accompany village women who visited the homes of other women and children dying from HIV/AIDS. We brought them food, clothing, warm fire, songs, and prayer. Ultimately, I was accompanying my heroes as they brought dignity to the sick.

There was a young girl at one of the houses we visited who was very near to death. In her tiny mud-brick home it was difficult to withstand the stench and the nearness of her disease. I swept her floor, averted my eyes, and wiped my tears while the other women stripped her down and bathed her. 
I don’t hear usually God’s voice audibly but I heard it that day—Aubrey get over yourself. Stop avoiding my daughter.
I took a deep breath, asked God for help, and knelt down beside this woman. I didn’t really know what to do, so I asked her name and prayed for her. As I prayed she kept repeating, “Lesa mepala. Lesa mepala.” (God bless you. God bless you.) She died a few days later.

Her name was Beauty.

Today is International Women’s Day and March 10th is AIDS Awareness Day for Women and Girls. 
Did you know that one of out two children with AIDS die before their second birthday? 
No woman or child should die from a cause that we can prevent. 
Here is what we can do:
1) Pray for young women like Beauty who are victims of HIV/AIDS—having unjustly received it from unfaithful husbands or through rape. Pray for their children who are left as AIDS orphans in the wake of this disease. 
2) Speak out to protect programs that fight hunger, poverty, and disease. Join World Vision and send a message to congress HERE
I’ve been out sick this week, so Confidence vs Shamelessness next week! 
May you live Shamelessly. 

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