I shared this article from my fellow Redbudder a few weeks ago, but wanted to post it again here.

“Sometimes all it takes is the flash of a long-legged blonde on a mascara commercial, the impossible curves of the Victoria’s Secret model in the sidebar ad on Spotify, and I’m immediately at risk of being caught up in the stomach-turning carousel of comparison.
I avoid online shopping for this reason, because the clothes I want to wear will inevitably look better on models who are taller, leaner, prettier and bustier than I am. I don’t buy or read women’s magazines heavy in the beauty and fashion department because I know even a cursory thumb-through will leave me feeling deficient, guilty and average in the glare of such elite glamor. These are not moral decisions, just a personal choice I make for my own protection, the same way any recovering addict steers clear of their substance of self-sabotage. I know if I feel that familiar toxic pull, those dormant chemicals in the brain triggered into action and response, I am fallible.” 
–Stephanie S Smith, Relevant Magazine

Today, as images are pouring in on you from every direction, know that you are beautiful—you are God’s masterpiece, God’s poem, God’s perfume. You are strong, free, and lovely—simply because you are loved by God. Turn the tv off, turn the magazine over, and feed yourself with God’s truth today–
You are the apple of His eye, hidden in the shadow of His wings. 
You are masterfully made.
(From Psalm 17:8 and Psalm 139)

Next up: We continue our look at Childlike Contentment and Psalm 131

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