Oh, haven’t I mentioned I began mother-son Karate with my oldest child? That’s right.

I had a friend tell me about it, and now the two of us are rocking the roundhouse kicks with our kiddos.

It’s actually much harder than I imagined, and most of the time I’m worried the Sensei (yes, he’s a sensei) will be able to tell I’m sweating in the nether-regions. I’m looking forward to getting  my gi (those karate outfits) in order to hide the aforementioned sweat.

What does this have to do with shame?

Well, you can imagine that I, getting up there in my thirties, look pretty hilarious as I snap kicks and punch pads. Especially while the other kids’ parents, who are not taking the class, but are watching the class, are watching me. (Not that they care what I do.)

But, you know, it’s definitely out of my comfort zone.

I’m trying to do one new thing each week to either fight against shame for myself or on behalf of another person-locally or globally.

So, for me — I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and karate-chopping my shame in half.

For others — I’m tweeting “at” the people who can make some noise about fighting against human trafficking–“putting on the pressure in order to make some change,” as my friend Shayne Moore, author of Refuse to Do Nothing, suggests. 

Join with me and tweet some journalists and politicians this week. Such as @NickKristof @StateDept @Ariannahuff @CNNFreedom. You can direct them to smaller, but awesome, organizations such as Free the Girls and Women at Risk, International.

Also, if you’ve been following the NFL’s recent situations, here’s an interesting article by Dottie Lamm at the Denver Post, Why does it take shame to make violence against women an issue? 

How are you fighting shame this week?

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