I hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving week. I saw Frozen yesterday– loved it! 
Blog post coming soon. 

If you’ve missed Kelly’s first two posts on Releasing Control and Taking Responsibility for What you Can Control, be sure to check them out. 

As you continue to practice thankfulness and get your holiday shopping on, I know Kelly’s final post will encourage you:

“I want to share one more thing with you about my time on the beach. As I was wrapping up my prayer time, I actually felt God calling me to go out into the water. 
I felt like I was supposed to go all the way out past where I could touch. (I love swimming in the ocean, so this wasn’t a scary thing for me at all.) As I was in completely, beyond where I could touch, I began to feel God saying the following:
This is my love for you.

It is this big.

It fully covers, surrounds, and engulfs you.

I long to fill every part of your being with my love. 

I long to wash over you with my love again & again & again. 

It is not a stingy love. It is not a limited love. 

It is so vast you can never see the end of it. 

It is beyond your ability to comprehend. 

Feel the water all around you & know that is how I want to cover you w/ my love. 

I want to immerse you in my love. 

Feel the waves. My love will come as waves over you again & again to wash away your lies, your insecurities, your fears.  
Then I felt God saying, “Look to the beach.” 

I turned to the beach and saw lots of people there. It was like God was saying, “You can look to those people to define you, fill you, love you. People who are broken just like you, limited just like you, insecure just like you, sinful just like you, selfish just like you…” 

Then I felt God leading me to turn around to look at the vast ocean stretching as far as my eyes could see. 

I sensed God saying, “Or you can turn this way, and let me, the infinite God, your Perfect father, the one who is whole, the One who formed you, define and love you. When you are tempted to look to people to define you, picture this. Know that you are covered completely in my love. You are swimming in it. Turn around in your mind and look to me to love you.” 
More than anything else, that is what I want you to understand today–

The same voice that was calling me on the beach that day, is the same voice that is inviting you today. 

He is inviting you to leave the sand of your circumstances, your stress, your anxiety, your fear, and to join him in the deep ocean of his love.  

He wants you to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how big His love is for you. He longs to cover you and surround you — to wash away the lies you’re believing, 
and to fully immerse you in his limitless, matchless love.”

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