I’m elbow-deep in book edits, so I’m a little behind on posting. But, wanted to respond this morning to the #likeagirl ad. I know there are some haters out there, but it got me– Kevin busted me tearing up last night. 
If you missed it (maybe you were skipping the Superbowl in lieu of Downton Abbey–which I might have done for about an hour. Edith better just go get that baby like a girl!) here it is:
I wanted to show you a couple of other ads and articles that have inspired me lately:  
When Victoria’s Secret came out with their recent “Perfect ‘Body’ “ad, featuring — you guessed it –ten women with the exact same body type, the internet went crazy. Dear Kate created this amazing counter ad and petition: “We show the multitudes of shapes perfect bodies can take.” 
And recently, Buzzfeed featured this video on how our standards of beauty have changed over time. 
What about you? Anything been especially inspiring to you lately? What’d you think of #likeagirl? (or Edith’s plight, for that matter?)
I love this age of social media because we can use our online “voices” in powerful ways. We can tweet our frustrations at companies who exploit girls and women. We can post and pin real images of beauty. We can fight back against the onslaught of pressure women are constantly under. 
And — we can celebrate the ones who are fighting the good fight. Well done #likeagirl! 
FYI: I’ll be MIA ’til Feb 15, cause I’m editing my book (#likeagirl). 

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