In honor of International Women’s Day (March 8), I thought I’d share what some of my favorite women and justice-lovers are doing around the blogosphere this week. At the end of today’s post, I’ll reveal Day #1 of my Attitude Adjustment Experiment. Spoiler Alert: It’s not pretty. 

  • Lesley Leland Fields over at Wordserve Water Cooler with A Note to Young Writers: Honor Your Obscurity.  “Honor your obscurity” is another way of echoing Bill Roorhbach’s charge to “honor your apprenticeship.”  Value these months, years of laboring toward your best work with fewer listening in than you would like. This quiet is your wilderness, your blessing. Here you will sharpen your art. You will lean closer to the sounds around you, for the fragile people who haunt the forests you watch, for the small voice that whispers names you didn’t know.”
  • Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience with Letters to the Wounded #2: “I’ve seen you living chin brave through the hurt and how you keep taking one step out of bed and one through the door and how you scale mountains by relentlessly taking steps forward. The way you keep walking? You’re no victim. You’re a Thriver. You may bleed but you rise.”
  • Shayne Moore and Kim McOwen Yim share their passion to combat modern-day slavery. They talk about the problem, but also give us solutions and ways to help that are as simple as rethink how you buy groceries. Their book reminds us to Refuse to do NothingThis is a rather sensitive subject and is one intended for mature listeners. Listen to the interview here. 
  • IJM’s Stand for Freedom. If you’re a student and you haven’t heard about International Justice Mission’s Stand For Freedom, check this out and join the fight. And even if you aren’t a student, purchasing a tshirt or making donation is another way to get involved. #standforfreedom

My profile looks nothing like this woman’s…hmm..

If Married couples did not live together, 
happy marriage would be more frequent.”
 â€“ Friedrich Nietzshe

If you have no clue what this is, we’ve been talking about the rough stuff in marriage the past few weeks, and I’ve promised to reveal the deets from the last time I spent thirty days being really intentional about marriage. These are the things I generally try to espouse in my marriage, but for these thirty days, I was gonna get intense about it: 
  1. Saying Yes
  2. Taking Care of My Needs 
  3. No Bullying/ Encourage and Play 
  4. Praying Regularly for Spouse
  5. No Romance Outside of Marriage (movies, books, imagination, etc..) 
  6. Practicing Thankfulness
  7. Helping Him to Love Me
  8. Asking For Forgiveness
  9. Getting Help
  10. Asking God to Change My Heart. 

 “I am Doctor Aubrey, in my lab coat of life…ready to turn my attitude about marriage on its head for another thirty days” —I actually wrote that in my journal. I’m such a dork
Day One: 
9am: Kevin Subject, not privy to experiment, woke up a bit late. Attempting trial three, I thought I’d be a little playful and flirtatious. I jumped on his back and asked for a piggy back ride. He laughed, but because Subject is a man, trial two quickly turned into an attempt at trial one. After I put the kids down for their naps, I received a text message from Subject…I’ll just spare you the details of that. 

10am: Okay, am feeling pretty positive. So far so good. Operation encouraging and playful, working. Subject has been called into work, so initiating trial 6. I am not focusing on the fact that he is leaving on his day off. I am thankful. I am supporting him in his ministry and encouraging him to go. I’m thankful for this chance to play with children, tend to the house, etc…Wow. I’m really being very good and wifely.

11am: I’ve been assuming Subject is at work when I hear Subject coming up from basement. Apparently SUBJECT has been exercising for the past hour without telling me. (Note: When I type “SUBJECT” in all caps, it’s because I am beyond annoyed.)
Did SUBJECT ask if I would like him to watch the kids so I could exercise? Did SUBJECT even mention that he was going to exercise before leaving for work? No. Was it now an hour later and was I stuck watching the kids alone? Yes. Is scientist already ready to hang up lab coat and go back to normal? Yes. 

12pm-4pm: Scientist is too frustrated to journal. 
5pm: Scientist’s friends visit for the evening from out of town. They’ve been married for 38 years and hold hands on our couch. They talk about how they can’t sleep unless they are entwined in each other and start each day with a snuggle session. Scientist wants to throw up a little bit.  I don’t like anyone touching me while I sleep. But I was convicted and touched (and touchéd) by their affection for one another.
10pm: It was a long day with the kids, but Subject is home and trial one is being instigated again. I am sooooooo tired. Who cares about the Marriage Experiment? This is a stupid idea. Did I mention that I’m tired? But, Subject’s got that look…. 
So, I bargained with him. He had asked what I thought about him playing softball the next evening and I responsed, very maturely, “You can’t expect me to enjoy tonight if you’re NEVER around.” 

I’ll spare you the rest of our conversation. It wasn’t super cheerful.
11pm. Going to bed, having failed miserably. Need to do better tomorrow.

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