So thankful to my friend and sister Redbud, Bronwyn Lea, for reposting this piece (originally published at Several of you have asked about it–so here it is again, a slightly newer version. I hope you enjoy!

…There’s a reason why Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods and Disney’s latest production of the same title are bookended by two powerful words:  I wish. The point is wishing is cyclical. We wish. We receive. We wish again. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with online shopping, I began fixating on what I didn’t have, couldn’t afford, and yet desperately longed for. I wasted long hours placing household items into online shopping carts only to delete them in a moment of anti-materialist resolve, only to later add them again.

My wishing swiftly mutated into obsessing, and likewise I transformed from a sweet Sondheim fairy tale character into a nighttime Gatsby; surrounded by my new beautiful kitchen while staring out at the Other Kitchens just out of reach. And all of this was literally in the span of a week.

In scientific terms: Girl. Gone. Cray. Cray. 

Incidentally, as swiftly as the wishing came, the shame followed….Read the rest of the post here

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