My first New Year’s resolution was #31DaysWithoutShame. (Check out the 31 Days Without Shame posts if you missed them.)

My next resolution is to be more intentional about my prayer life. I recently read Prayer by Tim Keller and The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Two different approaches to prayer; both are incredible resources. 

My biggest take-home from each book was that prayer is more about seeking God than seeking answers, and that we should enter into prayer and base our prayers on who God is. “The clearer understanding of who God is, the better our prayers,” writes Keller.

Based on the poetry of the psalmist in Psalm 145 (see above- it’s my verse for this year), we know that God is mighty, glorious, full of splendor and majesty, wonderful, and powerful. He does awesome works and great deeds. He is abundant, good, and righteous!  

What an amazing God we have the privilege of communing with!  

I’d love to invite you to pray with me this month, to let me know how I can pray for you, and to “circle” things each week in prayer. 

My prayers for this week:

A friend of mine gave me permission to tell you this — one of her children wets the bed. The child continually tells his parents that he didn’t pee himself, he was just “sweaty.” It’s incredible to me — the power of shame is such that even our little ones feel the need to hide from some perceived mistake–even if it’s no fault of their own. 

In this little one’s honor, I’m challenging myself (and you) to pray for:

  • Family- especially the children (our own, our friends’ kids, children we teach, nieces and nephews, etc.) in our lives who are battling shame at such tender ages– to feel deeply loved by God– and to be set free from toxic shame through the Gospel.
  • I’m also praying that God would create more love, more grace, and more fun in my family — and that all of my loved ones would experience a longstanding faithfulness to Christ. 

Who are you praying for this week?  

And….if you missed them, here are a couple bonus resources for you this week (I hope these will encourage you!)

  1. Theology for The Rest of Us– a new podcast by my dear friend, Kenny Ortiz. Ortiz is an author and preacher, who also happens to be a serial podcaster (and hashtag abuser. Seriously, follow him on Twitter and be impressed by the dude’s hashtag usage). Check out our conversation on overcoming shame
  2. I also had the privilege of speaking at Mission Church a couple of weekends ago. If you need some encouragement on serving that family you are praying for- or serving anyone in your life- check out this message: A Love That Serves.

As you pray, may you also live shamelessly this week! 



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