If you read my blog post on Tuesday, sometimes I wonder if God must think He is sooooo clever—
Last night I was sitting at a West Chicagoland Anti-Trafficking Coalition meeting (Like our FB page here.) and who was there but Free The Girls.org—a non-profit organization devoted to providing job opportunities for women and girls rescued from sex trafficking, and guess how they do it?
They ask for BRA donations!
I almost started laughing aloud. You need what for women in third-world countries who’ve been rescued from slavery?  Of all things—You need bras? Oh, I have bras! I have plenty of bras.  
The women and girls who are part of their program can make up to 5x minimum wage for selling second-hand bras. Most were sold into prostitution between the ages of 8-10, but through Free the Girls, can now earn a wage selling second-hand clothing, while going back to school.
So, all those bras I was getting rid of on Tuesday? I’m sending to freethegirls.org. Donation information available here. 
Also, if you’re in the area–
In September, Jeans and a Cute Top Shop in Wheaton and St. Charles, will be doing a bra drive and donating all of their collected bras to freethegirls.org. They will also be giving customers a 10% off incentive. 
As you dig through the graveyard of bras in the back of your underwear drawer, keep those options in mind.  
This week’s post brought up a lot of emotion (and laughter) from you all—I got private messages, texts, emails. I’m so thankful for each of you who were daring enough to comment here or write me personally. I think this is a beautiful opportunity to see the Lord redeem both our changing bods, and much more importantly, the lives of our global sisters.
Even if God doesn’t think He is sooooo clever, I certainly do.
This Week Definitely Deserves A Giveaway!

For those of you who were brave enough to comment on Tuesday’s post, you will be given 5 extra entries to win an autographed copy of Shayne Moore’s book Refuse to Do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery (IVP).
And as always–for anyone who comments on this post, on The Bra-sis, or shares, retweets, likes, etc…you’ll also receive an entry.
Now, go dig through those drawers and donate!  

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