I’m over at Abingdon Women today… causing another scene over customer service….

Here’s a sneak peek:

Repeat your Sounding Joy

“My first mistake was purchasing footie pajamas.
Mom, I am seven. I don’t wear footies anymore.
What about the ones from last year? I thought you liked those.
Well, they have guitars on them. Guitars are cool. These have reindeer. They’re for babies.
My second mistake was returning the footies without a receipt.
The sales clerk would only offer store credit in exchange for the jammies. I was assured, however, the credit could be used in store or online.
My third mistake was believing the store credit would indeed work in-store or online.
After one week of being told to call back the next business day; after another of practicing patience and politeness, I began to get angry. Actually, anger doesn’t quite describe it. I became a woman on the edge….”

You can read the rest here:

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