“Sometimes I wonder if I’m so busy because 
I’ve come to believe the lie that busyness is the point.”

Author, Blogger, and Pastor, Kevin DeYoung launches his new book today: Crazy Busy, A (Mercifully) Short Book About A (Really) Big Problem (Crossway, 2013).

I was sent the book the same week I turned down a group of friends, ignored my children, stayed up later than I should, and even avoided some other responsibilities—all because I was too busy. Could God be telling me something?
The book is, as it claims, mercifully short. I read the entire thing in one sitting. For that I’ll say Thank you, Kevin DeYoung, on behalf of busy moms everywhere.
To honor the book’s message, I’ll spare you a long-winded review, but I’ll share some of my favorite nuggets and takeaways:
  • Three Dangers of Busyness (See Below)
  • “It’s the mark of a Christian to be a servant. But people-pleasing is something else…Doing the cookie drive so you can love others is one thing. Doing the cookie drive so others love you is quite another.”
  • We are busy with social media because we want the approval of others—even others that we’ve never met.
  • We are busy with work because if we keep pushing ourselves, we will finally matter. We’ll finally BE someone.
  • We are busy being distracted because we’re still trying to prove ourselves to old boyfriends, our parents, or even to God.
  • We are busy freaking out about our kids, rather than slowing down and practicing wisdom in our parenting. DeYoung sites a survey that asked elementary school kids what they’d change about their parents– the top one: kids wished their parents were less tired and stressed.   
In a book of this nature, it can be tempting to give readers another time-management tool. So, I appreciated that instead of to-do lists and techniques, it’s filled with with humor, candor, and clarity. DeYoung gets to the heart of the issue– that our busyness is a form of pride and idolatry, and creates an intentional numbness towards those around us.
The solution? 
A simple, yet profound, devotion to Christ.
“By spending time with the Lord in the Word and prayer, we are likely to gain new perspective on our hassles and headaches. Starting each day with eternity makes our petty problems and long to-do lists seem less significant. By sitting at the feet of Jesus, we will grow more like him—more patient, more loving, more thoughtful. We’ll see that our screens do not satisfy like our Savior. We’ll see that wisdom was not born yesterday, or thirty-four seconds ago on social media. We’ll learn to keep our complaints to a minimum and our eyes on the cross. We’ll become more helpful to those around us.”
DeYoung reminds us to rest in the fact that upholding the world is “Christ’s work, and no one else can do it. Halleujah—He doesn’t even expect [us] to try.”

Crazy Busy is worth making time for. You can find it at crazybusybook.com.  
Three Dangers of Busyness: 

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