I’m continuing, along with you, to pray for the people of Paris, Kenya, and Lebanon. My heart is broken. If you’re still searching for the right words to pray, my friend Bronwyn Lea offered this image from a friend, and a poetry-inspired prayer on her blog over the weekend. Our God, our help in ages past…Be Thou our guard while troubles last.  

If you missed it last week, here is a podcast of my message, Shame: Will I Always Have to Hide? from a series at Mission Church.


If you prefer the video (I do!) check it out here

Aaaand lastly, if you missed my article for Today’s Christian Woman, The Most Dangerous Lies Women Believe (and what they say about us), please read and enjoy! 

photo by Hadessa Creative

photo by Hadessa Creative

For now…

Last week a dear friend asked me if I thought it would be okay to fail.

I was stressing about some things in my life — mostly health-related — and how that impacts my family and my husband and my friends and my career and my body and my brain and my dinner-making ability and the fact that I’m eating more ice-cream than usual and binge-watching ridiculous-(ly awesome) shows like Supergirl, while reading stupid-(ly wonderful) books like The Lunar Chronicles.

I know the “right” answer; yes, it’s okay to fail for a while, for this season.

But I’m trying to really figure out what “failure” looks like. It probably means I gain some weight while I can’t exercise and am eating all the Ben and Jerry’s. It also means my sons won’t learn to tie their shoes in the next few months. It means my husband will do more in the evening hours without me and it means more prepackaged dinners. It means I don’t answer texts or emails or phone calls as quickly. It means less hair-styling and more hair a la Hermione Granger: The Early Years. And because I want to stay outward-focused, somehow during this time, it probably means more donations and less volunteer time. Is that okay?

I recently attended a conference where Shauna Niequist said this: “The way you live your life is more important than the art you make, so make the living beautiful.” I went home and wrote that on my laundry room wall.   

Can we fail and still make the living beautiful? Can we fail and actually make it more beautiful through the failing? I know it doesn’t have to be either/or. So I’m trying to find that path- the both/and path.

The failing-beautifully path.  

If you have any tips, I’d love to know them.

In the meantime, may you live shamelessly, beautifully, and fail-fully.



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