Feel free to share/pin these free images on your social media venues with the #overcomer (and tag @aubsamp), or keep them for your own encouragement against shame. In this way, you’ll be helping to spread the message of Overcomer while also encouraging your friends and followers to find the freedom from shame that is theirs in Christ.

You will rise, clothed in Shame no More

He is our Past, Present, and Future Shame

But in Jesus, Shame no longer has you

Unashamed Daughters of the Most High King

There's no better qualified than you to point others to that freedom

In Jesus We have a Savior and a Shame Remover

In Christ Shame becomes its own Undoing

Now it's up to you to Live in the Freedom

You Belong to God, not to ShameGod Transforms my Shame into Radiance, and my Misery into MinistryGod Helps me Release the Shame in my PastGod is able to evict Shame from my LifeThe Victory from Shame is in the Willingness to Continue Fighting against It