I thought I’d share what some of my Redbud Writers Guild sisters are saying about this case. I’m deeply saddened about so many aspects, and I think both of these women have written something unique and godly. 

I don’t know if you’ll agree, but I know you’ll want to pray. And I know this conversation needs to continue. 

Trillia Newbel with The Gospel Coalition asks “Not Guilty: Now What?” 

Trillia reminds us to mourn and to pray for both the Martin Family and George Zimmerman:

“Before long another confusing and dreadful situation will become a national news story. Most of us will know details only secondhand, though we’ll be expected to offer an opinion. So we must look first to the Word to be informed by God’s timeless guidance. And we will mourn with those who mourn as we pray without ceasing.”

Read the entire article here

Enuma Okoro at Ideas for the Common Good, writes “When Your Church is Silent.” 

Enuma challenges the church to respond:

“Regardless of which side of the defense Christians fall, it is crucial the church has conversations around both real and perceived issues of racial inequalities and injustice.” 

Read the entire article here

If you’ve read anything else you’ve been challenged or moved by, feel free to share it. 

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