Hey Shameless Folks,

Keeping things simple for you this week (I’ll return next week with a new post), but wanted to put a few resources in your hands:

1) I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Although it’s a Hallmark holiday, I know it can bring up a spectrum of emotions. If you need a word of encouragement, check out my latest sermon on Isaiah 49, at the Renewal Church podcast, to remind you that God’s love is better than a mother’s. 

2) I had the chance to chat with Traci Dixon and Rebecca Renfrow at StoryCastMonday, a brand new podcast, specifically designed to promote and give voice to women. We talked about Chicago weather, dog-walking, church planting, parenting, overcoming shame, empowering other women, books we love, and more. Plus they have the cutest southern accents! Check it out and spread the word about StoryCast here.

(In both instances, you can hear me sipping. Clearly, I have an addiction to coffee that needs some #intervention.)

3) Speaking of amazing women, my fabulous agent at DCJA sent me some kids’ books by Kathryn O’Brien, with beautiful illustrations by Gillian Flint (TyndaleKids, 2016). They are called “Sit for a Bit books” and they explore scripture at a perfect level for little ones. My 4 year-old adores them! Even my six and nine year-olds said, “Mom, we love these.” If you’re looking for a gift for a new mom, or for a little one’s birthday party, these are precious tools for writing God’s word on the hearts of our kiddos.     

I’ll end with this — whether or not you are a mom — God is birthing powerful and beautiful things in you and through you. May you live shamelessly this week! 



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