Things I’m Thankful For:

1) I just turned in the first draft of my manuscript for Overcomer: Kicking Down the Walls of Shame and Rebuilding Your Soul. If you love the Mandisa song, then you’ll have it stuck in your head like I do…I am praising God for this dream come true (and the break I’ll get, at least until the edits come rolling in.)

2) Book covers. Zondervan asked what books covers I like, which made me thankful for the amazing artists who come up with these concepts, and the fact that I’ll actually have a cover on my book! It’s so surreal. I sent these (plus six others) as examples of covers I like…do you have a favorite book cover?



2) This commercial. I saw this yesterday at the gym–I’ve seen it before–but I seriously teared up (while jogging next to a teenage boy who was on the treadmill beside mine.) You are more than a number, ooh. gets me every time.

3) You! Thank you for being patient as I’ve taken some time away from blogging to finish up my first draft. Now, you’ll probably hear from me more than you ever wanted to.

Happy Thanksgiving! (And yes, our giant tree is going up this weekend, so I might as well say it…Merry Christmas!)

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