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Women writers that I admire often tell stories of how God speaks to them through birds. One regularly finds beautiful bluebird feathers when she is on prayer-walks. She calls them her little kisses from God. Another discovers nests filled with robin eggs and takes them as a sign that God is birthing something in her. I just read a story by a young woman who receives daily visits from wrens—and they remind her of grace. 
I’ve never had a particularly close relationship with nature. I’d hit an amusement park before camping any day of the week. But, I started wondering if these women were on to something. So, I began to pray for a “bird-sighting”—some little gift to remind me of God’s beauty and love.
For a few weeks I kept my eyes open for a parrot or a flamingo—anything out of the ordinary.

A couple of days ago I looked on my back porch and saw it —the fattest, ugliest, plainest bird I have ever seen in my life…at first I thought it was dead.

Seriously, God, this is the bird you bring me? This is what you think of me? 

By dinnertime the fat-ugly-dead-bird had disappeared. My husband and oldest son took bets on whether a hawk or our neighborhood raccoon had eaten it.

The next day, as I was trying to get pb&j’s on the table, Kevin said, “Hey Aubs, I think there is a dove out there.”

I ran to the window—Yes! Now that’s what I am talking about, God!

I just knew I was going to look outside and see MY bird—a white dove, maybe with an olive branch in his mouth and a rainbow behind him. But, it wasn’t a white-winged dove.

It was my fat-ugly-dead-bird again.

Only it wasn’t dead. It had puffed itself up like a running back and was fighting against the wind to stand its ground in the only sunny spot on our back porch.

And it wasn’t fat. It was pregnant.

And it wasn’t a plain ugly thing. I googled birds and there she was—a scaled dove.

Did God bring me a fat-ugly-dead-bird? Yes. Then, He opened my eyes to see this living, resilient, female, life-bearing, bird of peace. Beauty from ashes on my own back porch.
Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “God has made all things beautiful in its time.”

Hourly, minutely, nano-secondly, God creates resurrection from death.

Today, my bird was back. Eli saw it and said, “Mom, there’s that fat-ugly-dead-bird again.”
“That’s not a fat-ugly-dead-bird, bud. That’s my fat-ugly-dead-bird. That’s my gift from God.”   

I’d love to read your “bird-sightings.” Add them to comments below!

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