So, if you feel like I’m cheating a bit by shoving fifteen days into one blog post, I am, okay? But, I’m making up for it with a killer giveaway. (See end.)  

The Marriage Attitude Experiment:
Days 16-18
Been thinking about the morning of my wedding, I had such cold feet. I opened up my bible for some peace, and no kidding—opened straight to Issac and Rebekah, and the story of how God brought them together. I don’t know if I believe in “signs,” but I do believe in encouragement from a very personal God.  He had brought Subject and I together. Being married means we are, well, committed to this thing.
Day 19-25
How many times a day do I get headbutted in chin, nose, teeth? Toddlers are like those inflatable hotdogs — all arms and limbs furling around. On day 25, Linc buried me under pillows and I jumped out yelling, “Peek-a Boo.” He giggled in delight. I imagined it was my baptism, burying my old self, my yucky attitude, the drained mom, the ungrateful wife, the bad attitude was being washed away; rising out of those peekaboo-playful pillows with newness and gratefulness.
Day 26
I spent today with a friend praying for Subject and children. Some venting is good and gives you perspective. But, the worth and dignity prayer brings to Subject…that I am intentional about taking time to pray for him… is better. I’ve also been teaching my kids to pray at bedtime by saying one thing they are thankful for. We are, all of us, practicing gratefulness.  
 The rest:
Days 27- 30 (and on)
The magical mystery of marriage is that it is used by God to sanctify—to change, to improve, to make us more like the people He created us to be. My quotidian work: doing dishes, making the beds, serving dinner, playing peekaboo again and again and again, and loving my husband with the “trials,” have become daily moments where I experience God’s grace (and show it to my family.)
I can choose to rebuff them, to be bitter, to watch the clock or I can dive in head-deep, heart-deep and allow God to challenge my notions of what matters. If the small things, the unimportant things are the truly valuable in His sight, then isn’t tending to my marriage a great and divine operation? Saying yes (in every way—not just the way you’re thinking, you dirty blog readers) is the work of God.
This has been worth it, because my heart has changed. And as the Muppets say, “I’ve got everything I need. Right in front of me.” 

If you need some prayer for your own marriage-attitude, shoot me an email or message. 
I will be happy to pray for you. Love you! 

I am giving away the new Passion cd, Let the Future Begin (It’s so good!) and Sophie Kinsella’s (author of The Shopaholic series) new book, Wedding Night, (releases the end of this month.) 

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