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The 116-pound Israeli model, Danielle Segal, was told she was too fat for the runway. After losing twenty-nine pounds and being hospitalized twice for malnutrition, she was finally able to work successfully . . . until Israel recently passed a new law prohibiting the hiring of underweight models. Now Danielle has to gain weight so she can work.
The new Israeli law requires models to get physicals every three months and produce those reports at each modeling job before being hired, to ensure they have a healthy body mass index, based on World Health Organization standards. So a model who is 5’8” must weigh at least 119 pounds—still super skinny, but at least her organs will have the minimum body fat needed to function properly. But that’s not the only part of the new Israeli law.
Warning: Viewing Photoshopped Models can be Bad for You!
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True Woman | Warning: Photoshopped Women

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