I’m over at Fullfill today, writing about the tightrope women walk….

Mooooommm, the potty is raining!

I was on the phone with a web designer discussing the ever-elusive “Platform,” when the toilet began to overflow. My three-year-old had crammed so much toilet paper into the poor thing, that it had no choice but to transform into a pressurized pop bottle, exploding. Everywhere.
Needless to say, I had to reschedule the phone call, putting my social media presence on pause for another day.
There’s a saying in Jewish wisdom: “Keep two pieces of paper in your pocket at all times. On one write, ‘I am a speck of dust.’ On the other, ‘The world was created for me.’ ” The idea being that there is a delicate balance between the holy and the ordinary.

I love to serve my family, but I am just as passionate about my calling and ministry outside of the home…”

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As always, Live Shamelessly.


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