My friend and sister Redbud, Dorothy Greco, recently published this article for Relevant. 
And because my son has come down with pneumonia (please pray!) I am sooooo tired. 
Rather than trying to string coherent sentences together, I thought I’d leave it to the pros. Part of her article and a link is below. 

It did get me thinking about loss and dreams-deferred. This week a dream of mine came true. In December, I’ll be guest posting at (in), one of my favorite blogs around. (Dorothy and another photographer generously shared some photos for the piece.) I can’t wait to share it with you. 

So, I know that in Christ, dreams come to fruition. 

However, I’ve also watched some of the most faithful of my friends bury dreams, or experience great suffering as they watched their dreams fall apart–some to be repaired, some not on this side of life. 

I just listened to Dr. Jerry Root teach on Job, ultimately saying that everything Job went through, everything we go through, is to equip us to be a part of God’s ministry on this earth.  

What do you think? 

Have you suffered before realizing your dreams? Have they cost you? 
Have you had dreams you had to let go of? 
Have you seen God fulfill your dreams?  

What If Your Dreams Cost More Than You Think?

“Like Joseph, we are tempted to fixate on the culminating moment, imagining the tangible metrics such as respect, notoriety, wealth and the power to affect change. There’s nothing immoral about any of these expectations, and sometimes it does play out this way. But Joseph’s life illustrates that as we pursue our dreams in the context of following God, our sometimes precious expectations might be obliterated.

Our reality may not mirror our imaginative dreams for at least two reasons. First, the fulfillment of God-inspired dreams rarely happens without some form of suffering….
Additionally, our expectations get dashed because we often assume that our God-inspired dreams are all about us—about our pleasure and our happiness. If we make this mistake, then when our blood inevitably flows, we quickly lose sight of our sacred mission and either abandon the pilgrimage or become embittered….” 

You can read the rest of the article here: 

You can also connect with Dorothy at Dorothy or on her Facebook page.

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