Happy Start of School/Fall Madness (even though it is eerily humid in Chi-town this week)! 
I’ve spent the summer doing some mad-writing and will continue to, but wanted to rejoin the blog world once more. I’ve missed you! 

While I was away, here are some things which have been on my heart: 

1) This wonderful article by Trillia Newbell, Ferguson and My White-Looking Son 

“I find myself mourning the loss of a young man I’ve never known, grieving over the police and the looting and the racist undertones of comments found throughout social media, and thanking God that in time he will make all things new.  And I’m processing this issue for young black boys and my young white-looking boy.” 

How have you been responding to/with Ferguson?

2) Reading Christine Caine’s book, Can I Have (and do) It All Please?  in which she addresses that elusive phrase, “Calling.” She writes, “You’ll find your purpose is normally aligned with your gifts, talents, and heart’s desire.” Pretty simple. 

I wonder if that’s been true in your life? Do you feel a sense of “calling?” 

3) Not sure where to rank this in things I’ve been excited about this summer, but it is definitely up there:

4) Finally, I need your help for the book– I’ve been thinking a lot about our “false-selves”– those roles we play because we feel we need to, or because we learned at an early age we were more accepted when we played them. (You know…all those ways in which women “should” all over ourselves.) 

Here’s an example: I’m a pastor’s wife, but I panic whenever someone at church has a new baby. I’m thrilled for them, but I feel intense pressure in my role as pastor’s wife to prepare a home-cooked and hand-delivered meal. I’m just terrible at it. I’m sooo not a domestic goddess. So, I learned to let go of that self-expectation. I began purchasing restaurant gift cards or healthy takeout for new parents. It’s a small thing, but I’ve let go of that pressure and haven’t lost any pastor’s wife street cred (that I know of.) 

Do you have an example of  a role you’ve felt you had to fill in a certain way? Tips on how you shed that skin? I’d love to hear your story. 

As always, may you live shamelessly! 

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