My friend Kenny, author of Redefined, sent me and Kev a link to this article at Belief Net:
10 Things Every Husband Wants to Hear.

I’m not sure if any of the words from the article would actually come out of my mouth (at least how they’re written in the article. It uses some strange verbage.) However, it was a great reminder; hubby’s love to feel respected by their wives. (They also love being called “hubby,” in case you were wondering.) Check out the article and consider verbalizing some respect to your man, in your own words, of course.

In response, some girlfriends and I came up with our own list.

Here are 10 Things Every Wife Wants To Hear From Her Husband:

(And just so I don’t get in trouble later, you can all tell Kevin I made the following statement:
“My husband is the model of perfection in all of these, except probably number four,
because he’s well…a guy…and he’s terrible at back massages, which he knows. Could someone out there teach the guy how to give a decent back massage already?!”)

10.  You look so beautiful/great/pretty/etc. Husbands, we wives want to know you think we’ve still got it after all these years–especially on the days we work hard to get ourselves dressed. (‘Cause we all know it doesn’t come as naturally as it used to.)

9. Thanks so much for ________. Husbands, fill in the blank with something mundane. Wives want you to verbalize your appreciation for the little things they do — like the laundry being done, the dinner being cooked, the library books being returned on time.

8. I love this specific and unique thing about you. Again, you need to fill this out with something unique and specific you see in your wife. Is she a wonderful singer? Gifted at organization? A good listener? An armchair theologian? Let her know you admire that in her. Women want to be seen and known by their men.

7. I planned a date night (and I hired a sitter!) You’ll earn some major bonus points because you: A) want to take your wife out for a one-on-one adult date; and B) actually thought about it in advance and took the initiative/leadership to organize it.

6. Your bosom looks so supple. Okay maybe not that exactly. But, along with number one, wives still want to know they can turn their husband’s eyes (and by “eyes,” I mean “bedroom eyes”).

5. I respect you. Yes, I know men need respect and women need love. It’s true. But the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Your wife wants to feel respected too. It shows her honor and makes her feel loved.

4. I would love to give you a snuggle/back rub/foot massage without the expectation that it will lead anywhere…and I’ll watch your favorite tv show while doing so. Trust me, we want more too (see number six), but we’re complicated women. We also want to put our defenses down every once in a while and just enjoy some physical time with you that doesn’t lead to sex. We give so much all day long, it’s nice to experience an altruistic act of kindness now and then.

3. Take the day off.  This would result in the opposite of number four. After the gift of a day off–not running errands, not working, just the freedom to go and do whatever she wants, without kids, for the whole day–I don’t know a wife who wouldn’t rush home in the evening for some fun (and by “fun,” I mean “bedroom eyes” again).

2. Let’s pray together. Wives want their husbands to take the initiative for the spiritual things–not in every case–but in a lot of cases, wives would give up anything to have a husband who takes the lead on praying, reading the bible as a couple, or going through a devotional book together.

1. Can I tell you my innermost thoughts? Okay, I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes on this one. But, wives feel so loved by their husbands when they are connecting emotionally. We want to hear your deepest thoughts about your struggles, the lies you believe, the victories you want to win, your goals in life, your hopes for marriage. You don’t need to be the same as our girlfriends, but we want a soul-friend. That emotional connection will help us feel intimate (and by “intimate,” I mean we’ll want to have sex with you).

What about you? What things do you want to hear from your spouse? 

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