Big Feelings Days: A Book about Hard Things, Heavy Emotions, and Jesus’ Love

Help little kids with big emotions know God that loves them and is right next to them, no matter what they feel.

Speaker, pastor, podcaster, and author of The Louder Song, Aubrey Sampson has dealt with a lot of big feelings and heartache in her life and has written about lament for a grown-up audience. Knowing that adults don’t have a monopoly on strong, difficult emotions, Aubrey turns to writing about feelings for our little ones with Big Feelings Days.

Children have a lot of emotions too, and feeling sad or angry or brokenhearted can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to help kids understand that their feelings are valuable and normal―and that they can creatively express what they feel to Jesus, who created emotions and deeply cares about every one.

Big Feelings Days is a tender and engaging picture book that helps children ages 3–7 learn how to release their feelings of grief, anger, and heartbreak in creative ways to a God who cares. This picture book includes

  • full-color illustrations,
  • relatable imagery to help children express and identify emotions, and
  • creative ways for children to process their feelings with Jesus.

Even now you can be helping your kids develop emotional health and emotional intelligence as they learn to come to Jesus with whatever they may be feeling.


What people are saying about Big Feelings Days:

I love children’s books if they tell the truth, engage the heart, and invite one’s imagination to grow. Aubrey Sampson has exquisitely told the truth about emotions that feel too big for one’s little body and soul to bear. The simple but profound reality that big adults and little children feel overwhelmed at times and don’t know how to manage bad days that make us mad and sad touches the heart and invites us all to imagine and receive the care of Jesus, who can calm the winds and still the raging seas. I can’t wait to read this brilliantly written and illustrated book to my grandchildren.


Professor of counseling psychology and founding president of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

Aubrey took deep theological truths about Jesus and made them accessible, relatable, and interesting to kids with big feelings. One of my favorite aspects of Aubrey’s teaching is that her pastoral voice shines through in all her books and messages. Big Feelings Days is no different. Every child and caregiver reading this book will instantly recognize the genius of her message: Jesus gets our big feelings.


Bible teacher and author of the Storyline Bible Study series

The grace-filled, hopeful, and helpful book I wish I would have had as a kid. Within these freeing pages, Aubrey provides profound yet simple words that speak to complicated feelings and beautifully reveals God as present in the midst of them. This is the breath of fresh air needed by young readers as well as the inner child within all of us who longs to be free from shame and embraced by the arms of a loving God.


International speaker, spoken word artist, and author of You Are More Than You've Been Told

This message is so important for every child to grasp. Knowing that our feelings are not a barrier between us and God but a pathway to intimacy with him deeply impacts how we see and relate to God over the course of our lives. In Big Feelings Days: A Book about Hard Things, Heavy Emotions, and Jesus’ Love, Aubrey has given us a gift for the children in our world.


Founder of A21 and Propel Women

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