Brrrrr! Negative 17 here in Chi-town and I am cozied up with a blanket whilst preparing to speak on the Holy Spirit for an upcoming camp. (How do you take something like the Holy Spirit and condense it down to 3.5 talks? I am humbled and excited!)

If anyone has any great Holy Spirit moments or stories, send them my way!

Aaaand….since I am pretty swamped with study prep, I thought I’d go easy this week and point you to two great articles. Sip some hot cocoa by the fire and enjoy!

The first:

Christianity Today just published the Top Twenty Most Read Articles from 2013. Some goodies to peruse. Check that out here.  I, personally, like the one about Christian Beards…I love my hubby with one!

The second:

In the same vein, if you haven’t seen Her.menuetics readers’ top post picks from the past year, they’re definitely worth the read, and the walk down 2013 memory lane. Harlem Shake anyone?

Stay warm, Shameless Women, and get ready to read a lot about the Holy Spirit in the weeks to come!

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