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Shameless Moment: by Kathy Jack

Quote: “Self-pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.” –Helen Keller

Good News for Justice: Join your state’s campaign to fight and slavery here and empower your leaders to become passionate about justice.

And Bigger News for Slavery and Human Trafficking: This week, the TIP report (trafficking in persons) report was released—a diplomatic tool used to fight trafficking all over the world. Most newspapers will be covering the TIP and this is our chance for action. Use These Easy Instructions from International Justice Mission to contact your local paper’s Editor and advocate for those who cannot do so for themselves. You can also use the same form for a blog editor or online paper.

Me and Miss Piggy–soul sisters

JPAL (just peed a little, for those who were wondering):
What Kind of Muppet Are You?  from

I’m definitely a Faux-Order Muppet. I don the role of Controller of Choas, The Organizer, The Type A—but inwardly, I am a total Animal. 

This week we returned from a two-week out-of-town visit to my folks. My house was pure madness—mail to peruse, emails to return, laundry in piles, fridge empty, suitcases not unpacking themselves, kids and parents grumpy from lack of sleep. You know the drill. 

I attempted to piece the household back together, make lists and reorganize…all the while inwardly I was a total disaster—Woe is me. I can’t believe this is my life. I need a maid. I need a nanny. Poor Aubrey. 

At one point, all of my kids were crying from the mood I was setting at home.

It was a Gold Star Mom kind of day.

I am definitely a Kermit wanna-be. Oh! How I’d welcome a bit of his chilled-out connection to rainbows. Alas, I am Miss Piggy through and through—a diva and a head-case. 

Our day got better after I apologized, stopped Miss Piggy-ing about, and played in the sprinkler with my kids. 

At least I can laugh at myself. I am a Muppet after all. 

Read the article. What kind of Muppet are you?

Blog readers of all ages, I need your help:
Next month, I’ll be featuring a series on “The Top Ten Pieces of Advice I’d Give My Younger Self” (lists can be humorous,serious, or both). I am opening this series up to anyone who is interested in creating their own list.

If you have or want to create a list for publication on my blog, send me a comment, email me, or find me on Facebook, and I’ll get back to you asap!

Next Up: Our final Shameless Woman, Paige Rauh
May You Live Shamelessly!

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