Just returned from a grueling 12 hour car trip with the kiddos–but it’s good to be back. Keeping things simple for you this week as I have mounds of laundry to wade through…

If you haven’t seen this, check out Mark Oestreicher’s worst and weirdest nativity sets. You’ll laugh til you cry. You might throw up in your mouth a little too.

And because I am still obsessed with Frozen, (my boys loved it too, believe it or not) here are the lessons I’m taking from it (and going to steal for my book)…

NOTE: spoiler alerts below:

1. Don’t get engaged to a man you just met.
2. If you have any gifts, don’t conceal them from the world.
3. True Love is not romantic; it’s putting someone else before yourself. (This is the gospel!)
5. Idina Menzel is still my hero.
6. Veronica Mars aka gossip girl aka Kristen Bell– Girl can sing! Who knew?
7. Sometimes the smelly guy raised by trolls is a better option than Mr. Perfect.
8. We’re all fixer uppers.
9. I need the soundtrack.
10. A Reindeer (or was it a moose?) acting like a dog!!!…Our family friend loves when cartoon animals act like dogs. I’m starting to love it too!

Have a wonderful advent week. Tonight, my boys will catch up on their candle-lightings and advent calendars. If you don’t hear from me for a while, assume my house has gone up in flames.

I love Christmas!

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