In the midst of suffering, you want answers for the unanswerable, resolutions to the unresolvable. But pain is a chasm of unknown. In one breath, you may be able to say with confidence that God’s got this. In the next, you might descend into disbelief and despair. Here, you are raw before God, an open wound.

Whether you are dealing with grief, spiritual doubt, chronic pain, or a difficult season of life, there is a pathway through this suffering: lament. Lament minds the gap between current hopelessness and coming hope. Lament anticipates new creation but acknowledges the painful reality of now. It recognizes the existence of evil and suffering—without any sugarcoating—while simultaneously declaring that suffering will not have the final say.

In the midst of your darkest times, let Aubrey Sampson help you discover that lament leads you back to a place of hope—because God sings a song of renewal and restoration within your pain. And he sings a louder song than suffering ever could.

The Louder Song: Listening for Hope in the Midst of Lament will be out in February 5, 2019. It is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Books, and GoodReads.