I wanted to share a recent interview I had with Mark Halverson from WWIB radio. 

I LOVED this interview because it wasn’t just about women and shame. Our conversation was about the shame that comes to both men and women who’ve experienced trauma, and what it means to stop living in an identity of toxic shame.

Halvorsen and I chatted with Vietnam vet/retired therapist, Ed Ramsey. Ed is the founder of First Things First Therapy and a recovering alcoholic of 40 plus year. His story is fascinating because he was shot 45 years ago (while at work), and should have died, but God spared his life. Ed told me later that it took nearly dying to finally start living – to begin overcoming the shame that had taken up residency in his soul. 

The podcast is divided up into two hours- so listen when you can. I know you’ll soak up as much of Ed’s wisdom as I did. And I just have to add – it’s a rare, but beautiful thing, to have two men talk so boldly about their shame. I know you’ll be blessed by listening as much as I was by chatting with them.  

Hour one: http://podcast.wwib.com/2016/04/4-7-16-overcomerbreaking-down-walls-of.html

Hour Two: http://podcast.wwib.com/2016/04/4-7-16-overcomer-breaking-down-walls-of.html

(Note: There were a few technical difficulties in hour two, but I don’t think it takes too much away from the interview.) 

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May you live without shame this week, 



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