You know that awkward moment when you’re in the gym locker room- bra over your towel- cause you’re too embarrassed of your body? Just happened to me the other day. (“Do I overshare?” she wondered as she typed.)

Here’s the amazing thing about God and overcoming shame….mid-bra over towel, I recognized another gal who had just finished up her workout. We started chatting and she told me all the things God was doing in her life. She had done some things in the past for the wrong reasons–now she was making healthy choices–for herself!

I don’t want this blog to be about weight all the time because that can bring up its own shame. But body image issues and shame are so connected for women. I just had to share how this locker room lady encouraged me. God knew I needed to hear her story that day in the middle of my own struggle.

I know we may never love our bodies every single second of the day. I do wonder, though, what would happen if we could develop a wry affection for them; an approach of kindness and dignity, rather than disdain. That, combined with sharing our stories–I truly believe shame will be forced out the locker room door.


Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with overcoming shame….I did the Black Friday thing last night at Target for the very first time. I was always such a skeptic and not at all excited about the crowds. But…


I got all my shopping done, bought more than I probably needed, and found so many amazing deals, I somehow convinced myself I was tricking the store–which I am sure is all a part of their Evil Lord Business plan in the first place.


Happy Day After Thanksgiving, ya’ll.

May you shop til you too are an addict and may you fight shame with some body-kindness.

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