My resolutions for this year, starting WAY back in January (my how time has flown!), were as follows: 1) No shame; 2) Intentional Prayer;  3) No Sugar Coating; 4) Silliness.

This fourth resolution is an important one to me because it was borne out of a rough season with my  health…and mama needs to bring some joy and laughter back into our home…especially after a month of No Sugar Coating — now we need Some Sugar, baby! Some Silliness! Some Fun! Some Joy!

I asked for your help with this resolution – and I can’t wait to share the ideas and posts you graciously shared with me.

Today’s guest blogger is Kasey Shuler — a wife, mom, personal fitness trainer, and a writer from Athens, Georgia. She is the creator of Love Beyond Looks: A 5 Week Bible Study On Body Image, and shares Bible-based studies and
stories over at

Our Family Motto: Love You, Have Fun!

Little E loves pretending to leave the house. She puts on a few strands of macaroni necklaces, slips on a pair of mama’s tennis shoes, grabs any bag she sees on the floor, and proceeds to say, “Bye, see you later!”

When we ask her where she is going, it’s either to church or the store. We usually ask her to pick us up some bananas.

One of her very first words was, “Bye-bye,” and soon, she started adding, “Have fun!” to Dada as he left for work. It was adorable but I was perplexed at first, until I realized that’s what we say to each other when we leave the house. We always say, “Love you, have fun!” just as Little E says now. 

I’ve read about families having mottos, and have been keeping a lookout for what our family motto could be. Somewhere along the line, I realized we already had one — simple enough for a toddler to grasp, yet profoundly important for me as an adult — “Love you, have fun!” 

Love You! 

We take love seriously. We don’t have to like each other all the time, but we do have to love each other. Like is an emotion, but love is a verb. We love each other by taking care of each other, protecting one another, providing for each other, and being there for each other. Even if we’ve had a conflict, we will always say, “Love you” when leaving the house. (Little E now tells her baby dolls she loves them, so I think we say it often enough for it to rub off on her.) 

Have Fun!

We take loving each other seriously, and we take ourselves lightly. We love being silly and clowning around. My marriage relationship was founded on fun. We met as Young Life leaders in college, and our time spent together consisted of doing dumb skits, playing games with silly string, and bobbing for apples. We regularly jump out and scare each other and constantly smirk at each other’s lame attempts at puns. In other words, we enjoy each other and laugh together every single day. 

No wonder fun has rubbed off on Little E. There is this clown on her favorite show, “Elmo’s World,” called Mr. Noodle. He does silly things like brush his hair with a toothbrush instead of his teeth. Copying Mr. Noodle’s example, Little E has started tripping on purpose just to get a laugh — and she does. 

Our family delights in silliness, and I think God does too“I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.” – Ecclesiastes 2:24

“Love you, have fun,” teaches me that life is less about my to-do list and more about enjoying the people God has given me. If I catch myself saying that I have too much to do, that usually means I need to sit down and eat some takeout pizza for dinner while watching an episode of 30 Rock. Or, I need to pause my multitasking and remember to be entertained and amazed by my little girl and the world she creates. 

This simple phrase, “Love you, have fun” is a command, but mostly, it’s how we feel about each other and how we remind ourselves to live.

We live out of love from God and love for each other. We have fun with the life He has given us. And even if that means fake-tripping (and hurting our knees) to cheer each other up, or playing an intense game of hide-and-seek that lasts a little too long, or doing the same juggling act 100 times in a row til Little E gets the laughing hiccups, it’s worth it.

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May you live without shame- and with much silliness- this week!




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