While some of you are Pinterest geniuses, I’m still trying to figure out how to make pinboards. If you didn’t see this, allow me to show you my latest attempt at being Pintresty:

sad candy cane cookies

And while this has nothing to do with Living Shamelessly — accept maybe, if you’re not a crafty person, don’t be ashamed!–Yeah, that’s a stretch.

As I’ve been taking breaks from studying Luke chapter one and two for the Women’s Christmas Dinner at Community Fellowship (I hope you are there tomorrow night!), here are some things I did with a tired brain, pen, paper, tape, and a few other things around the house…wait til the end; it gets better as my nights got later and later!

Our Elf is “Elfo”. On his first day back this year, 
he was in the tree with this homemade Christmas card (which my children adore and read daily). 
I cut out red paper, folded it, and wrote on it in pen. That’s how crafty I am.
Here he is wearing my iphone headphones (yes, I taped them to his ears, not subtle at all)
and made him an ipod out of again, paper and pen.

Here he is riding our stocking hanger.
This took zero creative energy.

This one is the pinnacle of my creativity; 
I had marshmallows at home and wrote on them in marker to spell out “Merry Christmas”. 
He is sitting on a shelf in our bathroom.

This one I actually stole from Pinterest, and it looks ridiculous. It’s supposed to be a flour angel.
So, that’s what I get for trying to be a crafting goddess. Imagine if I tried knitting. 

Elfo and I are particularly proud of the following:

Here’s Elfo, impersonating Buddy. Note: Will Ferrell does not necessarily approve this message.
But, he should. He totally should. 

Here he is impersonating Spider Man. Yes, I made that impeccable spidey-symbol and mask,
and hung him upside down in the laundry room
Here he is as a Jedi Knight. Made the robe out of a towel.
I used scissors and tape because I can’t sew. I blame my mother. 

Here he is about to scuba dive in my Keurig. And yes, the swim trunks and snorkel gear are pink. 
Sometimes I feel like Elfo has a feminine side.

And finally, Elfo the Ninja. This one was very late at night. Hiiii-yah

Merry Christmas from me and Elfo, on behalf of the non-crafty moms everywhere!

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